Yard Guard Set

 Yard Work Protection and After Work Clean Up

  • Repel Away  8oz
  • Repel Away Bar Soap
  • Shampoo Bar (Tea Tree/Mint)
  • Soap Scrubby (Lemongrass)
  • Rash Away Ointment 2oz
  • Triple B Hydrating Cream 2oz


Spray yourself and your clothing prior to outside work with Repel Away - TICKS are bad this season, Mosquitos are coming!

After work - Shower/Bath with our Repel Away Bar Soap, using the Lemongrass Soap Scrubby on hands, nails, and feet, and elbows!

Wash your hair with the Tea Tree/Mint Shampoo Bar - Wet hair, rub the bar around your hairline, wash, let sit a bit, rinse well

Rash Away Ointment to help with any rashes aquired during yard work!

Triple B to soothe anywhere needed

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Price $35.00

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