Shave Soap (3oz)

Rich Goat Milk Lather for a Smooth as Silk shave  

Natural Oils and Skin loving ingredients help to protect and moisturize your skin while providing a close glide-a long shaving experience!

Select your Signature Scent 

  • Tidy - Chipper Clean, Herbal with a Strong Pure Minty Fresh Aroma, Eucalyptus & Tea Tree Oils
  • Smouldering - Sweet, slightly Woody, Hay-like, Powdery Notes intertwined with Musk and Vanilla
  • Grounded - Pine, Lemon combined with dry Honey-like Woody notes; Balsamic and Sweet and slightly Earthy (Frankincense & Myrrh)
  • Folksy - Rich, slightly sweet Earthy aroma, Honey-like with a back note of Hay (Patchouli/Vanilla)
  • Vexed - Powdery Sweet Floral Musk, Top Notes of Black Currant & Mandarin, with slight Orange Blossom and Sandalwood Aromas
  • Spicey - Stimulatingly fresh, woody, warm and spicey aroma with back notes of fruit
  • Free Spirit - Mystical Black Magic, with notes of Licorice, Molasses, and Chocolate
  • Adam - (Light & Fresh) Warm Honey, slight Tobacco blend with hints of Citrus 
  • Sexy Cowboy - Warm Bergamot, Rich Musk, Sandlawood, Spicy, Sensual
  • Unscented - It is what it is ...


What's the best way to shave?

1.  Shower first

2.  Open those stubbly hair follicles

3.  In the shower or later in the sink ... Wet your Shaving Brush and Swish it around in the Handy Shave Soap Container filling the brush with our creamy Shave Soap

4.  Lather up that face and swipe that razor all over

5.  Rinse off the soap

6.  Splash on some of our Bass Farms Handy Man After Shave

7.  You're now ready to take on the world man



*shaving brush not included

Shave Soap (3oz)
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