Rash Away Ointment {2 oz}

Nab that inflamed red rash in the buttox, arms, thighs, and all  "netherregions"  , or anywhere else. 

What can cause butt rash?  Irritation from stool and urine, chafing or rubbing, sweat, irritation from a new bathing or clothing product, bacterial/yeast infection, new foods, sensitive skin, even antibiotics.  It's a delicate area that can cause a lot of irritation.  

2 oz Size Jar; Limited to six super healing ingredients to tackle the worst of those itchy sore irritating rashes on any part of your body

Safe and especially made for the delicate supple skin of babies to very thin aged skin

 *No added scents or fragrances, keeping the ingredients minimal and effective; Paraben free; Phthalate free, Steroid free

Keep area clean with our Goat Milk Bar Soap or Body Wash

  • Dry thoroughly 
  • Apply a thin layer over the rash 
  • Re-apply after each bathroom use or diaper change
  • Once all the redness is cleared up treat with Triple B Hydrating Cream as needed

Use on any skin rash such as Eczema, Psoriasis, Poison Ivy, Sunburn,  ... This is a SALVE, not a butter like Triple B Hydrating Cream™


Ingredients:  Lanolin, Coconut Oil, Tamanu Foraha Oil, Neem Oil, Frankincense & Myrhh Oils, Zinc Oxide

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