Pumpkin Sugar Scrub {4 oz or 8oz}

Pumpkin is excellent for skin care

Yes, there is REAL pumpkin in this delicious scrub - Filled with antioxidants, vitamin A, and vitamin C, natural enzymes

Pumpkin holds important essential vitamins & nutrients that are necessary for radiant skin

Pumpkin also contains the acne fighting vitamins E & T

Delightful for all skin types, especially for sun-damaged skin


This Pumpkin Sugar Scrub 

helps to remove old surface skin cells & promote new cell production

contains natural enzymes that help dissolve dry skin cells

Also, extremely effective for hydrating, soothing & smoothing

dry cracked hands and feet


Oh, and I dare you to get some around your mouth .... mmm mmmm delicious!

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Price $8.50

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