Java Bean Lip Balm Set

COFFEE GROUNDS!  Lip Service! 

Morning boost or anytime your kisser needs some extra care. 

Conditioning Lip Scrub in a convenient Lip Balm Tube with Coffee Infused Lip Balm to smooth, soothe, and prime for any other lip application!  Great to use prior to applying lipstick!

The gentle scrub of finely ground coffee beans help to buff rough, dry lips while the Coffee Infused lip balm nourishes your lips for a beautiful perfect pout!


1.  On clean lips, apply the Coffee Ground Lip Scrub to your lips, rub lips together for additional sloughing action

2.  Easily wipe clean with a tissue or damp cloth

3.  Apply the conditioning Lip Balm and you're set!


*No Parabens, Phthalates or Petrolatum ever;  Natural ingredients; Not tested on animals, only humans :)


Java Bean Lip Balm Set
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Price $5.50

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