Java Bean Eye Cream {2 oz}


"Morning Boost Buzz!" 

Ingredients:  Antioxidant-Filled All Natural Coffee Butter, Moisturizing Liquid Collagen, and Neem.
Seriously only 3 amazing ingredients in this one of a kind product!

Super fabulous Fine Line & Wrinkle Cream that contains caffeine to give wrinkles and under eye puffiness just the right "jolt" back into reality! The acid in the caffeine works as an antioxidant plus the bonus of a vasoconstricting to help reduce redness and puffiness. These agents temporarily tighten the skin and help reduce dark circles. Liquid collagen, a complex natural protein glides on smoothly, soaking in without any greasy feeling or residue.  Coffee Butter contains coffee seed oil which is thought to block enzymes harmful to skin destruction, rich in phytosterols promoting excellent moisture retention.

  • Antioxidant Liquid Collagen supports skin repair as well as hydrates
  • Neem soothes and moisturizes dry cracked skin, relieves redness and itchiness of irritated skin, can lighten scars and pigmentation, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties

Directions for Use"

  • In the morning (it does contain caffeine!) on a freshly washed face, gently pat cream around the eyes and fine lines of the mouth and nose
  • Super potent natural goodness, a little goes a long way 
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