Hydrating Foot Oil {4 or 16 oz}

Embarrassed about the looks of your feet? 

Still wearing socks with sandals?

Bass Farms Hydrating Foot Oil

is the answer to "Ugly Feet Syndrome"

Natural, healing, beautify-ing ingredients 

  Soybean Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Aloe, & scented Fragrance Oil 

That's it!


Instructions:  Start with clean feet using Bass Farms Body Wash

Hop into bed or your favorite chair. 

Massage Hydrating Foot Oil over entire foot, slide on a pair of freshly washed socks, and let the healing process begin!

Take a bottle with you for your next pedicure appointment. 

{Makes a perfect gift for the elderly, new mom, diabetic, or cancer patient}

Add Neem for additional benefits


Really bad feet?  Sugar Scrub 'em first

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Price $6.00

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