Foot Fixer Set

Ugly Feet Syndrome?  Never wearing sandals again? 

Athlete's Foot got you like a couch potato?  It's a FUNGAL INFECTION that affects all areas of the skin on your feet which spreads to the toenails and hands .... This YUCK is very contagious.

Bass Farms Feet Fixer Set is working miracles on the worst of feet conditions!  What on earth will your Podiatrist think????  


Start out with CLEAN FEET!  Soak in our Bath Salt Soak (Be sure to get the Tea Tree with Frankincense & Myrrh oils) this will help to dry up any blisters then ... Get to it!

Set includes:

1.  Charcoal Scrubby to wash and scrub away the germs; Charcoal is a great detoxifyer!!!

2.  On CLEAN FEET, add our Fungus Fix Gel to all affected areas

3.  Make sure to follow up with Triple B Hydrating Cream™ to help soften, soothe, and continue the process of getting rid of fungus


For open wounds that need more care ... Purchase our Extreme Care Ointment

Foot Fixer Set
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