Face Set {Wash Tone Lotion}

Face Wash, Face Toner, & Goat Milk Face Lotion

 in convenient 4 ounce bottles

Select from our delicious skin-loving fragrance oils which also benefit your delicate skin

  Neem Oil is added to all Bass Farms Facial Products

as well as rejuvenating Frankincense essential oil

 for additional nutritional healing

{Pure Luxury} Your face will never feel the same again

 Our {Face Kit} should last approximately 4 weeks. It's so creamy good ... 

dime size amount is all that's needed to Nourish, Heal, and Protect 

Definitely not your "Mass-produced" chemical laden outrageously priced store bought stuff!


Grapefruit & Tea Tree  BEST choice for acne 

Mandarin for Dry Skin  

Aging Skin   Frankincense & Myrrh, Oatmeal Milk & Honey, Lemon Vanilla, Lime, & Sandalwood Vanilla



1.  Wet face, add a small amount of Face Wash & wash all over face (and neck), rinse, and pat dry

2.  Using a cotton ball, put on Toner, let dry

3.  Apply Face Lotion

*Since our products to not have the additives main stream products have, ingredients can settle, so give it a shake!


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Price $20.00

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