Essentials Roll On (7ml)

Ready to Roll

Straight Up Essentials on the go

Individual Oil - No Blends

Glass Bottle with Plastic Roller Ball & Lid blended with our skin-loving oils for direct, easy-on-the-skin application

Essential Oils are known to Soothe, Relieve Stress, Maintain Emotional Balance, & Provide General Wellness


Over 25 Individual Essential Oils 

Select your Favorite one or two  


Spiritual: Frankincense and Myrrh

Headaches, Sinusitis, & Colds: Peppermint and/or Eucalyptus

RELAX: Lavender or Chamomile

ANXIETY: Mandarin or Ylang Ylang

CLARITY: Rosemary


Bug Bites and Zits:  Tea Tree or Lemon



Apply directly to skin 

Learn more about our Essential Oils here >>> Bass Farms Oils






Essentials Roll On (7ml)
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