Charcoal Face Wash {8oz}

The detoxifying, ultimate cleanser by Bass Farms; Grabs onto dirt and debris whisking it away leaving a glowingly clean complexion

 Activated Charcoal is incorporated into our already fantastic face wash acting like a magnet by absorbing dirt and oil from dirty pores, making the grime stick to the charcoal and then rinses away!

  • Detoxify your complexion; Mild Exfoliator 
  • Clears pores and helps to minimize enlarged pores
  • Removes gross pimple-causing bacteria - Use on your "bacne" too
  • Helps remove dirt that causes dreaded blackheads
  • Extracts dirt and oil without drying out skin
  • Leaves skin feeling fresh and clean


Perfectly safe to add to your DAILY beauty routine 

Use a clean soft washcloth with every wash to help in the exfoliation process.

 *Goat Milk, Neem Oil 


Charcoal Face Wash {8oz}
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