Bronzing Lotion {8oz or 4oz}

The more natural way to get a bronzing glow!

Shea, Cocoa Butter, Goat Milk lotion with added goodness of Aloe, Neem, & Honey will give you the bit of color from the cocoa and black tea with additional moisturization benefits.  

Cocoa adds a bit of instant bronze, that will wash off when you bathe or shower, while the black tea will help to build a gradual color.

It is non-sticky, does not transfer to clothing, ultra hydrating, and smells like chocolate!

Use as often as needed all over where you need some extra color.


For best results, start with our sugar scrub to remove flaky skin, then saturate with the Bronzing Lotion all over!

Great as a vacation prep so you don't look so pasty!

Try our Vacation Set!


*Allergy to cocoa powder?  Do not use! 

Bronzing Lotion  {8oz or 4oz}
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